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Latest news Updates Notes on recent events in French cities Mail on Rioting - My reaction to threats Human Rights - Three quarters of France has termites - Termites - Inspections for lead and asbestos has to be done for property sales - Wealth Tax in France, this will affect millions of people - Look at the Facts - Investing in property in France, check our Mortgage and Capital Gains tables To get the latest news and comments look at our daily News on the France Weblog

Villa Rentals We are working with the leading travel companies to offer the largest selection of vacation accommodation in France giving the best value. See our portfolio of quality properties in Rentals France

If you own a home in France we give the most cost effective service for less than the price of a cup of coffee a week, rent to the largest market (we had clients from 76 countries last year). You can see some of our services on our Rental by Owner pages.

Looking for Property to buy for a holiday, investment or to live full time. Property Sales You can buy your home in France with security and confidence. Mortgage and Capital Gains tables

Asbestos, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and Cancer There have been some articles in the press about asbestos in property and the requirement in France for a survey to show there is no asbestos in a property when it is sold and the risks involved.
We have an information page on this subject for people who are looking for advice. Mesothelioma

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France Voila started as an on-line magazine and newsletter in 1999 beginning as an occasional open e-mail to answer questions from the visitors to Rentals France the accommodation site "From one day to a Lifetime" .

Our aim is to help all visitors and home owners.

Our services include advice for investors, marketing services for owners and help for purchasers. We publish many features which give a comprehensive service Renting a Property in France and for Property Investment

Ask us anything about French life or living in France, we will do our best to help. We do get hundreds of letters a day so we cannot guarantee a personal reply, but we do read all the mail and will reply and post to our newsletters and weblogs if the question is helpful to others. Write to us from the ...   Contact Form

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